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Certified Trainer


A Certified Trainer should fulfill all the requirements of a Team Member 3 with added competency and precision, exhibit full procedural knowledge and show proficiency in each position in their department (FOH/BOH). The primary role of a Certified Trainer is to successfully train New Hires, coach TM’s to best practices, and generally serve as a subject expert in their department. Certified Trainers have a proven track record of holding themselves and their teammates accountable to operational requirements, and have a proclivity for coaching and going out of their way to support the team.


  • Perform all responsibilities of previous positions as required, and hold fellow Team Members accountable to these responsibilities as it pertains to procedural, cultural, and brand standards.

  • Utilize knowledge gained during the Chick-fil-A Newport Journey to elevate personal performance, and behave as an example for other Team Members.

  • Be a champion for our organization’s culture, leading by example and helping those around you understand and seek alignment with our purpose and vision.

  • Maintain Certified Trainer certification, which is to be renewed annually through completion of our Certified Trainer Renewal Class.

  • Execute training programs as directed by the Manager of Training & Culture.

  • Continuously monitor and communicate training progress using the resources and applications utilized by the Talent Department (Slack, Trello, etc.).

  • Utilize Pathway and other training resources provided by Chick-fil-A to ensure consistency in training and brand standards.

  • Utilize @Chick-fil-A as directed to stay informed on upcoming procedural changes in order to maintain training processes.

  • Assist in the activation of other training initiatives, rollouts, or seasonal campaigns as needed.

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