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Shift Leader


Shift Leaders (SLs) begin to take on delegated leadership responsibility within the operation. SLs are expected to demonstrate strong character and integrity beyond the role of a Team Member or Certified Trainer. SLs support the Manager-on-Duty (MOD) by handling phone calls (guest complaints, catering, etc.), leading small areas of the operation (Ex. iPOS team, Hot Production team, etc.), and taking on tasks as delegated by the MOD, including acting as the opening or closing MOD when required. Shift Leaders act as role models for all other Team Members, and should act as a comprehensive resource for training and coaching.


  • Perform all responsibilities of previous positions as required

  • Hold fellow Team Members accountable to expectations as it pertains to procedural, cultural, and brand standards.

  • Utilize knowledge gained during the Chick-fil-A Newport Journey to elevate personal performance, and behave as an example for other Team Members.

  • Be a champion for our organization’s culture, leading by example and helping those around you understand and seek alignment with our purpose and vision.

  • Be responsive and communicate effectively through Slack and Trello.

  • Understand and effectively coach proper systems and procedures for all tasks in your department. Share team needs and feedback with department leadership.

  • Support and assist the MOD by executing tasks as delegated, including but not limited to leading a small area of the operation, answering phone calls, handling catering orders, inventory management, and cash management. 

  • Serve in an MOD capacity to open and close the restaurant as required.

  • Proactively acknowledge and report department needs to department leadership using the appropriate Google Form (uniforms, repair/maint., etc.).

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