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A Career



At Chick-fil-A Newport

You are Known, Loved, & Cared For


We believe that good health and financial stability are essential for our Team Members to maintain a successful and healthy work-life balance. We want your time at Chick-fil-A Newport to be fulfilling day-to-day, and know that you can have a fruitful career with Chick-fil-A.


We are committed to investing in you by providing access to benefits that enable you to care for yourself and your loved ones, grow within our organization at your own pace, and successfully plan for the future.

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Team Members have the ability to earn benefits in 3 categories:









Competitive Pay

  • Starting pay well above minimum wage

  • Pay increases based on your work availability

  • Pay increases as you grow in our organization

Employee Meals

  • 1 Employee Meal credit each time you work

  • 2 Employee Meal credits for shifts of 10+ hours

Health Insurance

  • Available to full-time employees after 60 days of employment

  • Subsidy for Monthly Premiums

    • Subsidy applied to Team Member’s plan of choice

    • Team Member responsible for additional costs

  • Dental and Vision available for additional cost

  • Dependants and Spousal coverage for additional cost



Advancement for All

  • Learn new skills as you advance through our organization

  • Gain experience while maintaining a healthy work-life balance

  • Grow at your own pace!

Personal Development

  • Quarterly Performance Evaluations

  • Optional 1-on-1 Mentoring

  • Semi-annual classes offered on...

    • Leaderships Principles for All

    • Budgeting and/or Planning for Retirement

    • More to come!

Scholarship Opportunities

  • Chick-fil-A Scholarships

    • $2,500 to $25,000 scholarships granted annually

    • Employees must meet eligibility requirements and deadlines

    • Scholarship recipients selected by Chick-fil-A, Inc.

  • Smith Family Scholarships

    • Selected and granted monthly by our Operator based on application submission, merit, and work performance

    • Available to all Team Members to use toward their personal development outside of Chick-fil-A Newport

    • Team Members eligible after 1 year and 1000+ hours of service

Community Service Opportunities

  • Participate in events at our restaurant to engage and serve guests in our community in creative new ways

  • Planned volunteer events as a team to get out and serve our community together!



401(k) Retirement Plan

  • Available to full-time employees after 1 year of service

    • 100% match on first 3% contributed

    • 50% match on additional contributions up to 5% total

Paid Vacation (PTO)

  • Available to full-time employees after:

    • 1 year of service and 2000 cumulative hours

    • TM2 training level achieved

    • Minimum of 1600 hours per year to maintain PTO benefit

  • Managers eligible after 90 days of service

Updating Soon!

Manager/Director Perks

  • Paid Breaks

  • Paid Sick Days

  • Free Employee Meal

  • Increased Insurance Subsidy

  • 1-on-1 Developmental Coaching

  • Chick-fil-A, Inc. Leadership Opportunities

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