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Your First Day



Message from Britton

I’m so excited you’ve been selected to join our team! We are on a journey to be an excellent restaurant that is striving to make our team, guests, and community feel known, loved, and cared for. In order to achieve that, I focus on the development of you as the Team Member, and strive to help you be the best version of yourself. With that, I hope you are prepared to be stretched in healthy ways to learn and grow in awesome ways, like effective communication, understanding and using technology, and executing genuine hospitality.
Take good care,
Britton Smith

"Courage  is crossing a starting line."

Amby Burfoot

Champion Marathoner



We are so excited for you to join our team! Your first day at Chick-fil-A Newport will be one of your most important, because you will learn the foundations of what it means to be a part of our amazing team and organization.

Orientation is the first step on your Chick-fil-A Journey.



Once you've accepted our offer, you will receive an email from SignNow to start your onboarding paperwork. Please fill out the required documents by your assigned deadline. If you have any questions about your onboarding paperwork, please send us an email at


The Team Member Handbook is your all-in-one resource for policies regarding employment in our organization. You will review and sign the handbook as part of your onboarding paperwork. During your Orientation, we will review the handbook in detail and answer any questions.


The Chick-fil-A Newport Social Contract serves to protect the culture of our organization. Each Team Member signs and agrees to be personally held to this Social Contract, and to hold others accountable to the values of our organization as outlined in the  Social Contract.

You will receive the access password

in your welcome email!




To complete your I-9 Form (Employment Eligibility), we are required to make copies of your supporting documentation for our records. Please refer to THIS PAGE while completing your paperwork to determine which documentation you should bring with you. Typically, a state-issued photo ID and Social Security Card will be sufficient.


To complete your Direct Deposit setup, please bring a blank, voided check for our records. A bank-issued Direct Deposit Form with an image of a blank, voided check is also sufficient. Direct Deposit may take 2-3 pay periods to go into effect, during which you will be issued paper checks.


3. SMART PHONE (app links below)

We use a few different free apps for team communication and accessing your schedule. Please make sure your device is fully charged and working to make this setup process as easy as possible! If you don’t have a smart phone, no worries! We will still get you set up.

Your Orientation will take place at our offsite office at 38 E 10th St. Newport, KY 41071.

If you drive, please park for free in the Campbell County Clerk’s Office parking lot and walk across John St. to the office (2nd building on the left).

If you ride the bus, our office is serviced by the same bus line as our restaurant (TANK #16 - West Newport/Ft. Thomas) and one block from the turn at Monmouth Street.


Please arrive a few minutes early to ensure you can find your way to the office on time!


Please download the apps below BEFORE YOU ARRIVE. We'll help you set them up at Orientation!

Apple   |   Android

Apple   |   Android

Apple   |   Android

HS Team App




These are some of the most common questions we get asked before Orientation.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us at, or ask us during your Orientation!

• Before Orientation •


How will I know when my Orientation is?

All of our communication happens through email. If you've already completed your paperwork, you will be receiving a welcome email with an invitation to your Orientation and the password to our TEAM PAGE.

I ride the bus. Is there a bus stop near the Orientation location?

Yes! If you ride The TANK, there are several TANK bus stops right next to our office on Monmouth St - we are located on the #16 - West Newport/Ft. Thomas route. CLICK HERE to view all TANK routes and schedules.

How will I get my schedule after my first week?

After your welcome email, you will receive another email with your training schedule. You may also receive an invitation from HotSchedules to assist in setting up your account to access your schedule. The easiest way to use HotSchedules is by downloading the free app to your smartphone (linked below). CLICK HERE to watch a video on how to use the HotSchedules App to view your schedule, request time off, etc.  

• Orientation & Training •


What should I wear to my Orientation?

Business casual (polo and jeans) is preferred. You may dress a bit more casually as long as your outfit is appropriate (no gym shorts, short shorts, tank/crop tops, etc.). You will receive and change into your official uniform during your Orientation.

When do I start training? How long will I be in training?

Your first day will consist of Orientation and a few brief online modules. Your hands-on training will begin on your second day of work. CLICK HERE to learn more about what your Chick-fil-A Newport Journey could look like.

• After Orientation •

Who do I report to? If I have questions, who do I ask?

If you have questions during your first week of training, please feel free to ask your trainer. They will do their best to find the answers for you! Otherwise, you will report to the leaders of your department, who are always available to serve you however needed. Please visit our WHO WE ARE page to meet our restaurant leaders.

I'm a hard worker and a fast learner! How quickly can I advance?

There are requirements for each step in your Chick-fil-A Journey, and it is intentionally designed to allow people in all stages on their life to grow at their own pace. You can realistically expect to advance as quickly as you're able to demonstrate expertise in your current position. You could become a Certified Trainer in a few months, and an Assistant Manager in less than a year, but there is no pressure to move faster than your life allows you to! CLICK HERE to learn more about what your Chick-fil-A Newport Journey could look like.

What kind of benefits am I eligible for?

Along with competitive pay based on your availability (and tiered pay increases as you advance), employee meals, and health insurance offerings, you will be eligible for many other benefits as you grow within our organization, and as your tenure increases with us. CLICK HERE to visit our Benefits page.

When do we get paid?

You will get paid bi-weekly, or every other week, on Friday. If you choose to use Direct Deposit, you will not receive a physical check. If you do not want to use Direct Deposit, you will be issued a physical check, which you can pick up on or after payday anytime except for peak hours (11a-2p, 5p-8p).

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