Chick-fil-A Delivery Drivers


At Chick-fil-A, hospitality is part of our DNA. It is built on a foundation of treating all with honor, dignity and respect. Chick-fil-A Delivery is an opportunity to provide hospitality to Guests outside of the Restaurant. Whether we meet them at their home, office building or even a park, we want to be sure they know they are valued as Guests.


  • Drivers can expect to make $18-20/hr. on average (including tips)

  • Pay Structure: $11/hr. + $1 per delivery order + tips

  • Drivers keep 100% of customer tips (added to bi-weekly paycheck)

  • This is a W-2 position on a bi-weekly pay cycle (every 2 weeks) 

  • Full-time Benefits: Drivers that work an average of 32+ hours per week are eligible for:



  • Drivers must be 18 years or older and have a valid driver's license

  • Drivers must provide their own vehicle (should be clean and in good repair)

  • ​Driver's must consent to a background check. Driving records may not have:
    • Accidents or DUI/DWI within 2 years​
    • More than 1 moving violation (speeding, running red) within 1 year
  • Drivers must provide their own smartphone for use with our delivery app​
  • Drivers must wear the provided Chick-fil-A Delivery uniform



  • Driver shifts are available in 3-hour blocks:

    • 8:00am-11:00am (breakfast)

    • 11:00am-2:00pm (lunch)​

    • 2:00pm-5:00pm (afternoon)

    • 5:00pm-8:00pm (dinner)

  • Shifts must be picked up in our scheduling app

    • Shifts will be available for pickup by Friday the week prior​

  • Driver shifts are FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED-

    • Drivers may be dismissed from a shift if business is slow

    • Dismissal from one shift does not dismiss drivers from later shifts

    • Drivers who are dismissed will have the option to assist in the main restaurant operation for their scheduled block at the $11/hr. base rate

    • We recommend all drivers be set up with DoorDash/UberEats/Postmates if they wish to continue working if dismissed from their block



  • Drivers must pick up a minimum of five (5) driver shifts per week 

    • 3-hours x 5 shifts = 15 hours minimum

  • Drivers may pick up a maximum of thirteen (13) driver shifts per week

    • 3-hours x 13 shifts = 39 hours maximum​


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