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Executive Director


An Executive Director has a track record of extreme competency in the stewardship of our culture, team, guests, business, and brand. Executive Directors are to act autonomously to advance their area of the organization and ensure the overall success of the business based on the goals and expectations of the Operator and the Executive Leadership Team (ELT). In their department, Executive Directors are ultimately responsible for big-picture strategy, systems development, leadership development, and translating results into actionable directives for their leaders to enact on their behalf. Executive Directors align with and are champions of the Operator’s vision in order to meet the goals for their department, the business, and the organization. 


  • Ensure the operational growth of the business through comprehensive stewardship, systems development, and goal-planning

  • Ensure the growth of department leadership by providing ongoing coaching, leading NLT meetings, conducting regular leadership evaluations, and by leading departmental meetings as necessary

  • Support the Operator by understanding his vision for the organization, and using this vision as a lens for all aspects of organizational leadership 

  • Support ELT and other departments by communicating clearly, exercising consistent follow-through, and by seeking alignment in priorities for the business as a whole 

  • Monitor, track, and share results in order to inform action items and directives

  • Protect our culture as an arbiter of our Core Ideology and Social Contract



  • Professional

  • Entrepreneurial

  • Accountable

  • Futurist

  • Humility

  • Principled


  • Available 5 days and 45+ hours per week, with flexibility to open or close as required.

  • Serve in the operation during peak periods in order to remain closely connected with the team, leaders, and all elements of the operation itself. 

  • Serve in an MOD capacity as necessary to support the team and the operation. Cover schedule creation, truck ordering, or other Director tasks as required.

  • Display ownership and understanding of stewardship of the business with regard to guest experience, team member experience, labor cost, food cost, repairs and maintenance, and other department-specific categories.

  • Provide mentoring for department leaders and team members as necessary and possible.

  • Prioritize the guest experience by being a champion of the Winning Hearts Every Day Strategy (Great Food, Fast & Accurate Service, Genuine Hospitality).

  • Lead departmental LEAN strategy by developing systems that improve the team experience, and ultimately improve the guest experience.

  • Set and monitor departmental performance goals through available reports (CEM, P&L, Food Cost, Labor Cost, 3rd party assessments, etc.) and translate them into actionable directives for department leadership.

  • Attend weekly ELT meetings to maintain alignment with the vision of the Operator and fellow department Directors. Be prepared to present results, strategy, and departmental needs (staffing, meetings, R&M, etc.).

  • Maintain openness and transparency with ELT with regard to department and restaurant priorities, self-management, and time management.

  • Prepare for and lead departmental and Newport Leadership Team meetings. Conduct coaching and topical discussion as needed (books, shift-leading, etc.).

  • Meet weekly with Directors to ensure continuous alignment of goals and execution strategy and to provide focused coaching.

  • Manage, track, and communicate repair and maintenance needs. As needed, act as the point person with vendors to monitor completion time and cost.

  • Complete or delegate repairs, preventative maintenance, and cleaning tasks as necessary. Maintain departmental preventative maintenance and cleaning calendars.

  • Assist with interviews as needed, especially for leadership candidates.

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