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Managers have proven to be competent and high-character leaders within the operation, and begin to take on more responsibility within the business. Managers are primarily responsible for shift-leading in their department (FOH/BOH), ensuring that the needs of the business, our guests, and our team are appropriately met, and by serving in an MOD capacity. Opening, closing, and cash management skills are required to fully execute the role of the Manager. Managers are expected to be excellent stewards of both our business and our team.


  • Lead one area of the business (FOH/BOH) at the shift level 

  • Lead the team confidently through accountability and encouragement

  • Support other departments with effective communication and compassion

  • Serve as MOD when required, especially for opening and closing

  • Understand and work to achieve the goals of the business


  • Serving

  • Level-headed

  • Decisive

  • Awareness

  • Encouraging

  • Organized/Detail-oriented


  • Available 4 days and 30+ hours per week, opening and/or closing required.

  • Perform all responsibilities of previous positions as required, and hold fellow Team Members accountable to these responsibilities as it pertains to procedural, cultural, and brand standards.

  • Develop Team Members (TMs) by modeling our expected leadership culture, and by consistently holding the team accountable to expectations and responsibilities.

  • Serve as a shift leader and primary contact for TMs in your department, and work autonomously to manage TM needs (iPOS rotations, RR/beverage breaks, illness, etc.).

  • Be the primary executor of the Winning Hearts Every Day Strategy (Great Food, Fast & Accurate Service, Genuine Hospitality) and departmental LEAN strategy. 

  • Serve in an MOD capacity to ensure departmental stewardship as it pertains to team member care, guest care, cleanliness, labor cost, food cost, etc.

  • Understand stewardship goals, the resources provided to manage them, and work toward these goals by providing relevant coaching to the team.

  • Complete required assessments and coach TMs based on assessment results.

  • Attend departmental and Newport Leadership Team meetings as required. Arrive prepared in order to actively participate and contribute to discussion as necessary.

  • Manage, track, and communicate TM training as necessary. Perform ESRC coaching in a timely manner, and communicate departmental training needs as they arise.

  • Proactively acknowledge and report department needs to department leadership using the appropriate Google Form (uniforms, repair/maint., etc.).

  • Be available and prepared for dialogue with Britton about the state of the operation and shift.

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