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Team Member


The role of the Team Member is to deliver a superior customer experience by serving safe, fresh food fast while providing genuine hospitality. Team Members must enjoy multitasking, working in a fast paced environment, and value cleanliness. A Team Member serves a critical role for the guest experience, brings value to the position they are filling, and always has a smile on their face. Team Members should be passionate about providing a remarkable guest experience as they serve in the areas of front counter, drive thru, dining room, or kitchen.


  • Arrive on time to each shift. On time is clocking in at your scheduled start time and moving directly into your assigned position without delay.

  • Maintain compliance with all uniform requirements to be clean, well-groomed, and professionally dressed. Comply with position-specific uniform requirements.

  • Serve the team and the needs of the business with flexibility and by being willing to do all tasks needed in your area (working outside, in a hot kitchen, etc.).

  • Lead guest interactions by providing warm greetings, attentive order-taking, offering suggestions, anticipating needs, and offering a fond farewell.

  • Protect the team, business, and brand by following all Food Safety and Restaurant Safety procedures.

  • Utilize Pathway to understand correct procedures and Food Quality standards.

  • Protect the business and brand by ensuring that all products and guest experiences are consistent with procedural, cultural, and brand standards.

  • Perform assigned tasks at a pace that keeps up with the challenges and demands of the business. Challenge yourself to learn best practices and implement them.

  • Communicate with all guests, fellow Team Members, and leaders clearly and with honor, dignity, and respect as to diminish frustration in all situations.

  • Maintain a clean and highly organized work environment by monitoring and maintaining your assigned area.

  • Stock products and supplies as needed, especially in moments of down time.

  • Serve the next shift by ensuring that your area is clean, stocked, and organized by the time your scheduled shift ends.

  • Be a champion for our organization’s culture, leading by example and helping those around you understand and seek alignment with our purpose and vision.

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